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How to cook Sushi rice 3

This time, we will introduce how to blend the rice and vinegar for the third time.  Shari-blending is one of the deepest techniques of sushi. The ideal finish is that the vinegar is evenly spread over each grain of rice and coated nicely, and it feels like silky texture.  First, put the hot cooked rice on the OKE. Then turn the vinegar all at once and replace the top and bottom with some shamoji to spread the loose vinegar overall. The rice is coated with vinegar while cutting the rice so that it flows on the left side and flows on the right side. As you get used to it, you can switch it between the front and back sides...


How to cook Sushi rice 2

This time we will introduce how to cook shari for the second chapter. When cooking with a rice cooker, its easy just set according to the instructions.  Here, we will introduce how to cook rice using a hagama pot .  First, measure the water accurately and submerge it. The amount of water is adjusted based on the same amount as rice while checking the hardness. Basically, sushi rice is cooked hard. After setting the rice in the kettle, cover it and put a weight on it ,you may submerge it if you like. I can soak for about 30 minutes.  Then wait for it to ignite over high heat and boil. When boiled, lower to medium heat for 4 minutes...


How to cook Sushi rice"Shari"

 This time we will introduce how to cook Sushi rice aka  shari. Shari is the one of most important issue in sushi cooking, so we will introduce it in three parts: how to Polish rice,  how to cook,  how to combine vinegar. This is the first term  to Polish. First, measure the amount of rice accurately. Pour the rice into a bowl with plenty of water at once to rinse the rice. Once the white turbid water has been thrown away, the rice is removed. Grab the rice gently with your hands and grind it in small rhythmically as you rub the rice together. It is an image of removing the bran film on the surface of rice. After turning...