Instant smoke your favorable fish

 Introducing the instant smoked method that has been handed down to Japan since ancient times.

There are various methods here as well, but today, it is a method that uses the tools usually found in the kitchen. It is often done with bonito, but any delicious fish with fat on it is possible.

Lightly sprinkle liquor and salt on the fish before smoking. In the photo, it is soaked in a mixture of sake, salt, water and black pepper for about 15 minutes. By doing this, the smoke when smoked will be well wrapped and will give a good scent.

 Next, prepare a deep pot and lay an appropriate amount of straw. I skewer fish and smoke it, but when I put the pot on the stove and warm it with a low heat at first, smoke gradually comes out, so I put the fragrance on it while holding the fish over it. It is more effective if you smoke slowly while covering it with another pot on top. When a certain amount of heat is contained, it ignites naturally, so use a fire to burn the skin. If you don't have enough, roast it again on the stove and let it cool at room temperature. In Japan we use rice straw.if its not available in your country, you could examine with dry corn leaves,flowerstraw. etc.

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日本に古来から伝わる瞬間燻製法をご紹介いたします。 こちらも様々なやり方がございますが、今日は普段キッチンに置いてある道具を使って行なう方法です。 鰹で行うことが多いですが、脂の乗った美味しい魚であれば何でも可能です。

燻す前に魚に軽く酒と塩を振ります。 写真では酒、塩、水、黒胡椒を合わせた地に15分ほど漬けております。 こうすることで、燻した時の煙を良く纏い良い香りになります。

次に深めの鍋を用意して藁を適量敷きます。 魚に串を打って、燻して行くのですが鍋をコンロに置いて最初は弱火で温めると少しづつ煙りが出てくるのでそこに魚をかざしながら香りを纏わせます。 上に別の鍋等でカバーをしながらゆっくり燻すとより効果的です。 ある程度熱量がこもると自然と発火しますので火で、皮目をこんがりとあぶります。足りないようでしたら、コンロで再度炙って常温で冷ましたら完成です。