How to cook Sushi rice 3

This time, we will introduce how to blend the rice and vinegar for the third time.

 Shari-blending is one of the deepest techniques of sushi.

The ideal finish is that the vinegar is evenly spread over each grain of rice and coated nicely, and it feels like silky texture.

 First, put the hot cooked rice on the OKE. Then turn the vinegar all at once and replace the top and bottom with some shamoji to spread the loose vinegar overall. The rice is coated with vinegar while cutting the rice so that it flows on the left side and flows on the right side. As you get used to it, you can switch it between the front and back sides of Shamoji. The front side is suitable for cutting rice and the back is used for kneading rice.

Rather than putting the shamoji directly on the rice, cut it so that the surface grazes. The shari will overlap on the right side, so when it is finished, turn it over to the left again and repeat the same work.

 After that, fan the rice with a fan. When you approach the shari and fan it all at once, the shari will shine brightly. After waiting for a while, transfer it to a warmer to complete it.

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今回はは3回目でシャリの切り方をご紹介いたします。 シャリ切りは鮨の技術の中でも最も奥が深い技術のひとつと言えます。



宮島を直接御飯に充てるよりは表面をかすめるように切ります。 右側にシャリが重なって行きますので、終わったらまた左にひっくり返しながら移してもう一度同じ作業を繰り返します。

 そのあと団扇でシャリを扇いで行きます。 シャリに近ずけて一気に扇ぐとシャリがピカピカと輝きます。しばらくおいたら保温器に移して完成です。